what's the best way to learn to draw better?

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So, you want to learn to draw better? If your answer was yes then I am here to help. When learning to draw you have to remember nobody starts out drawing a perfect drawing, it takes time and effort to be able to draw a car like Chip Foose. The best way to learn is grab a pad of blank paper and start drawing things that interest you.

While drawing remember that you don't have to press your pencil very hard against your paper, when you press hard curves are alot harder to make. Some easy things to draw are houses and trees. Go outside and look at your house and picture yourself drawing it, think of a easy part of the house to start drawing and go for it. Drawing is much like learning a instrument repetition is the best way. Just keep drawing your house and start adding to it like clouds, bushes, birds, etc. after a couple times drawing your house go back and look at your old drawings yours lines should be getting straighter and the house should look more and more like your own house.

When you feel like your house looks decent start adding shadows by lightly shading where you see shadows, adding shadows will give your drawing depth and a feeling of realism. After getting the hang of shading your drawing start adding more to your house like a tree casting a shadow on the front of the house, or you can even make addons to your house such as a extra story or a bigger garage, use your imagination. Now look at your drawing then compare it to your first drawing, you will be amazed at how drastic the change was from your first house to your new drawing. Now that you have improved your skills think of something complex that requires alot of shading and complicated angles or curves.

Now that you have found that one thing you want to draw repeat the process of drawing your house keep practicing and adding a little more each time, if you cant think of something then draw your car. To start draw your car how you see it, then add the shading under the car and draw light reflections on the paint. Once you have figured out the curves and shadows start adding to your picture, add the cement under your car, open a door and draw the door open and the interior you see, after a bit of time you will figure out tricks on how to make everything three dimensional. Most people can draw a 3D box, but not everyone can create something out of those boxes, start stacking the boxes and try to make a 3D tower or a 3D house.

After figuring out how 3D figures are drawn apply them to your old drawing such as the drawing of your house, make your windows had windowsills, show the doorjam to your front door, add a picket fence around the yard. Now look at your picture and compare it to a drawing from before you read this. These are the steps i used when i wanted to learn to draw better.

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