Have you ever wanted to improve your artistic ability?

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Have you ever wanted to improve your artistic ability? Well learning how to draw is not an overnight thing, in fact it takes time, effort, patience, and a lot of practice. Every good artist knows this, including myself. When you start out, you will want to start out small and work your way up. So grab yourself a piece of paper, any kind of paper such as lined or blank. Then grab a pen or pencil. You can either draw from your imagination or you can use a reference.

When you have done so, begin to draw whatever you have. Say you have in front of you a large vase (just an example) that you wish to draw on your piece of paper, go ahead and start to vision the shape inside your head, look down at your paper and almost copy it down. I use small pencil strokes which require you to have precision and good timing. These small strokes will look like fur (I first started out drawing a cat). You can continue to draw the vase (or whatever you chose to draw) looking up and down back and forth from the vase to your paper. Also, you might want to make your room comfortable and put some music on or something to relax you. This helps you focus on what you are doing. when you think you are done drawing, go ahead and see if you missed anything and remember, its just the outline.

After that, see the details in what you are drawing. Are there any lines or shapes inside of it? Now try and copy down those details inside or even outside of whatever you may be drawing. Remember to take your time as well, you should be in no rush. Now when you have your details done, go ahead and take a good look at your drawing and what you were drawing. If there is anything else missing or something that just isn't right, go ahead and correct it, but remember if this is your first time it probably won't be the best.

When you are finished go ahead and examine your work. Are you satisfied with it? If you are that's great! If you are not satisfied, whatever you do, don't rip up your hard work and toss it in the trash. This is only the first step to bettering your artistic abilities and it will take loads of time and you will want to measure your progress every day.

Another note, remember not to get discouraged easily. A lot of people out there may be a better artist than you, but never try to copy their work or let yourself be caught trying to force yourself to be better. A true artist will always be unique with their talent and will achieve the knowledge and skill. There are also quite a lot of drawing techniques out there that you will stumble upon such as smearing your pencil, adding shading, adding very fine details and much more. So as a fellow artist, I wish you luck in learning how to draw.

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