Is pencil dancing your pastime?

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We all need to be able to give our minds a rest sometimes. This is not as easy as it sounds. However, I have the answer for you. Your mind can be put at rest and refreshed, not only by resting, but by using other parts of the mind. It's not enough to switch off the lights that are on the main part of your mind, a new part must be lit, challenged, piqued, and tested for creativity.

What is that? Take up a new companion. No, not a human relationship, but a bonding if you will with a simple pencil and a piece of ordinary paper and yourself. Think of the paper as the ballroom and the pencil dancing as a pastime gliding with ease and twirling to create moves so unique and captivating.

It's no use saying you will lie down and think of nothing. The mind keeps busy just the same. It is only when new cells are stimulated that you will find relief. Choose your pastime wisely and just choose one. Concentrate upon that one. Choose what brings comfort, connection, and a pleasant outcome.

Drawing is a companion to be enjoyed. Drawing is a friend who makes no undue demands, it can excite you and it keeps pace even when you take little steps. Artists are happy people. Light, color and peace keep them company to the end of the day. To find you a new and intense form of interest, is an enriching experience. When drawing, there is no competition against anyone. No deadlines and no boss calling out, just you and the pencil dancing as a pastime.

I don't pretend to explain how to draw, but only how to get enjoyment. Even after the age of forty. It would be a shame if you waste your life, wondering what to do, when all the time; there is a new world of art waiting for you. If you start this pastime later in your life, don't expect too much from yourself. You probably won't create a masterpiece. You won't have the advantage of years of training. Don't give up though; some artists have become famous later in their lives. You could be one of them! Experience isn't always the rule in drawing. Sometimes the creativity is hidden, dormant, until later in life.

The only thing you really need is to be bold and adventurous. Don't let a piece of clean white paper deter you. Experiment, break the spell of staring at that piece of blank paper. Just remember, you can erase it all away. Drawing is great fun. Pencil dancing as a pastime is even better enjoyment. Try it. It can take a tired mind and turn it into a very productive mind. Pencil drawing completely absorbs the mind. I can't think of anything outside of the world of art that would compare with it.

To cultivate a new peak interest is of great importance to any person. We all need an escape from the pressures of day to day living. It is an amazing thing to see a group of artists copying the same picture and to see all the different interpretations each artist makes of that picture. You are unique and you can bring your own creativity to the world knowing that your drawing is your own interpretation, your own pencil dancing.

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